This is the Beginning of Anything You Want

This is the beginning of anything you want

There is something so uplifting about new beginnings. A new day, new week or new year, they are all so full of possibilities. Those possibilities are endless. And even better, those possibilities lead us right towards anything we want.

We just have to be willing to take the road that leads us there. That can seem scary, because change often is. But the thing is, it doesn’t have to be scary. And it shouldn’t. All you have to do is focus on those endless possibilities and take just one more step towards them. That’s the beginning. And the journey is each step after the first.

Rarely is an individual step scary. They are just little steps, seemingly inconsequential. That first one though is a doozy. It can be crazy scary. But the thing is, its not the step that you are taking that is scary. Its the moving in a new direction, down a different road, towards the unknown that is freaking your subconscious mind out. Which in turn is doing everything it can to keep you from taking that first step.

Motivational printable with the quote "this is the beginning of anything you want"

Consider though, that where ever you are in life, you got there from a series of little steps. None of those steps where fatal. None of the kept you from getting where you are. You survived each one. Even the scary ones. Because you kept going, you persevered. And if you aren’t where you want or have what you want, then that just means that you have more steps to take. Those steps might be in a scary new direction, but that is okay. Because you already know that you can survive them.

So if you are going after something that you want (and you absolutely should be going after what you want) then don’t be afraid of the steps. Be afraid of turning back.

Keep moving forward, keep going after what you want, keep achieving your dreams. Keep telling your subconscious that beginning something new isn’t scary, its exhilarating!

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