Today Is A Good Day To Start

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Fresh starts, there is nothing like them. They fill us with anticipation and bright shiny thoughts of what will be. It is odd though that we always want to plan that fresh start around something.

Monday will be the best day to start… Oh, I can’t start that now, it will be better to start on the first of the month… And, of course, there are all those New Years’ resolutions that just have to be made on the first of the year…

The truth though, is that today is a good day to start. When could possibly be better than right now? The conditions don’t have to be perfect to start. In fact, the conditions will never be perfect to start.

Today is a Good Day to Start printable

That is why it is so imperative that you start right now. Because you don’t need perfection, you just need to begin.

Your goal is achievable only if you begin, only if you actually start. Planning to start accomplishes nothing. And there will be plenty of imperfect moments on the journey to your goal. You’ll have to be able to get through them. Just like you have to get through this imperfect moment. And start.

If you need some more encouragement to start on that goal of yours, we are here to help. Untamed Phrase has designed a new motivational printable with the quote “Today is a Good Day to Start.” Available in our no-cost members area for you to download.

Get started printing and get started on your goals.

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