Welcome to Untamed Phrase

Welcome to Untamed Phrase

It is always so exciting and energizing to start a new project. But as the days wear on, it can be hard to keep that level of excitement and energy up. Before you know it, motivation fades and you start to revert back to old habits. Habits that don’t move you towards your goal.

Untamed Phrase is here to help with that. Because, lord knows, I have certainly needed it before. And sometimes still do. I started out searching for all the pretty motivational quotes out there. Then I started making my own for myself. Now I am making them for others. And that is how Untamed Phrase was born. In hope that we all can live an Untamed Life.

What’s an Untamed Life?

What’s an Untamed Life? Its a life where you are free to be you, in all your personal glory. Where there is no need to be worried about what someone else is thinking, because you have the self confidence to know that you are awesome. Where you have the courage to go after your dreams because you know that you can survive anything. And its where you choose to be happy in the moment, no matter what that moment may be.

So here’s to an Untamed Life. I’m still working on living mine, but each day it gets a little easier. And I sincerely hope that Untamed Phrase helps you get to your Untamed Life.

Surrounding yourself with visual reminders of what you want to be, do or have helps to reinforce your subconscious that that is what you are, do or have. While you can certainly do that with handwritten note cards. Why not do it with beautiful, motivating images? Here you can find those images in formats that work for you. We have budget-friendly printables for the DIY minded and access to physical products such as posters, canvas wall art, shirts, mugs and more for those that want the ease of having it shipped straight to their door. So have a look around and find what works to help you live your Untamed Life. Because we all deserve that.

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