You Have Unlimited Potential

Colorful background image of the Orion nebula with the text "Don't restrict yourself to a little box, your potential is unlimited" written in white.

So often we tell ourselves what is and isn’t possible and we fail to realize that we have unlimited potential. We don’t have to confine ourselves into little boxes. We don’t have to accept that it can’t get better, that we can’t do more, that it will never happen.

I had a friend who used to always say, “The only way…” The only way this will happen is if… The only way it will work is if… We’ll call him Norman. Norman placed this kind of qualifier on almost everything he did or wanted. And, unsurprisingly, things often didn’t work out the way Norman wanted. Since, it was the “only way” they could have worked, he usually gave up and moved on.

One of his biggest dreams was to be wealthy. Norman was very good at coming up with creative business ideas. Very good. He always had lots of ideas. Some of those ideas were more feasible than others, but Norman always placed that qualifier on each and every one. Some of the ideas he would pursue, but once he ran into difficulties , he would give up on the idea. After all, he had tried the “only way” that it would work and since it didn’t, there was no point in going any further.

Green banner with the words "free motivational printable: above an image of a poster with the Orion nebula on it and the words "don't restrict yourself to a little box, your potential is unlimited." written in green at the bottom.

I don’t think that I have ever met a problem, a goal or anything that doesn’t have lots of options. Ever hear the saying “There is more than one way to skin a cat?” I’m not sure why anyone would want to skin a cat (they purr!), but the moral behind the saying is valid. There are multiple ways to achieve your objective.

Norm is an example of one kind of self sabotage. Me, I can usually see lots of possibilities for attaining what I want. But I self sabotage in another way. I have a tendency to not believe that I deserve whatever it is that I want. Logically, I know that this is ridiculous. I deserve it just as much as anyone else. But those illogical thoughts of mine still limit my potential.

This week’s motivational image is to help you, me and Norman step out of the restricting little boxes that we place ourselves in. There is no need for it. Our potential truly is unlimited. We can have, do or be anything that we want.

We might have to do some introspection to determine how we are limiting ourselves, and then work on conquering it. I’m still working on my feeling of unworthiness, but I can see the unlimited potential and I’m striving for it everyday. I hope that you do too. Because you deserve it. (And so do I.) And I want us both to achieve it.

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